Living my dream..!! Me and the other the boys of Ballet group 2 #Urdang #firstposition

Happy birthday to my bish nigga @gerinio92 wish you many years after boothang ❤️

Good sunny morning!! OMW to school

Good morning sexies!! New day, new week, new power, same me!!👌have a great week y’all xoxo

With the cutiepies at Nando’s.!! The dutchies in London 👌😁 #happy

R.I.P Jone River.. You was a inspiring, powerful, hard working woman!! 👌

Club life with the whitie!!! Last weekend at Vieze poezendek, Club Air Amsterdam 💙

Goodmorning y’all xo ready for day 2 👌

BYE HOLLAND 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 😣😢🙏❤️


Blessed with friends like these!! 👌I love you guys ❤️💋 #thankful #blessed #friends #myteam #mixedfeelings #lastdaysinholland 😣

Movie night again.. Time for Twilight 2.0: New moon! 😍👌 #popcorn #movienight #twilight #netflix

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Sam Smith isnt understanding that he unveiled Queen B’s outfit of tonight… The lucky basterd was the first!! I wasnt READYY!!! 😳😍

Get ready!!!