47 years ago my grandma gave birth to a beautiful child named Siene Bianca Schyrone Chobin.. 22 years later Siene gave birth to my good friend and sister Kimberley Marylin Brush 6 years later this beautiful woman gave birth to her last child Shaquille Lloyd Brush from this moment this woman became the strongest mother on earth!! Now 47 year after this strong in depended woman come on earth is it her 47 birthday and is she here in London with my sister to celebrate the past 47 beautiful years..!! Mom you are more than just a mother you are a role model for a lot of mothers.. You are strong, confident, in depended, and beautiful in your own ways! You’re a survivor and always positive!! I am proud of you and I am proud to be your son!! You’re irreplaceable! I wish you manny years after these full of luck happiness and joy!! Never change yourself for anyone cause you’re perfect the way you are!!
XxX your little prince❀️ #keepingupwiththeChobashians

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Happy birthday to the one and only mother Chobashian HONEEYYY!! Even while I’m here in London we keep on our Family tradition to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY on 00:00 midnight for our family members.. There is no better family as this one and I’m proud to be part of it!! Happy birthday mommy I LOVE YOU ❀️!!

WARNING!! Luister deze video zonder geluid!!!

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YESSSS!!! For today’s street/urban class.. 😰 My shirt was soaking wet my knee was hurting as hell but I loved it!!! πŸ‘Œ#urdangacademy #Urdang #URban #dancer

Exhausted at school #Urdang #urdangacademy #tired #2hourbreak #beautysleep 😴

If you cant love yourself how in the hell you gonna love some body else.. Can I get a amen up in here..?!?!?

You just can’t fuck with a Chobashian πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰ Skyping from my room in London, UK to my Divas in their African themed spa room with Room Jacuzzi @Intellhotel ❀️ my fam :’) Sisters B’weekend😘

Happy Birthday to my #1, to my role model, to my angel to my one and only sister.. The person who helped my parents making me the strong and confident boy who I am today.. The person who kept my secrets who was there for me all the time.. The person I cant live without.. There is no me without her and there is no her without me for 18 years is she holding my hand and is she watching over me like a second mom.. Thank you god for giving me this beautiful life with this beautiful family.. Thank you Kimma for being the best sister I can wish and thank you mom and dad for learning your 2 baby’s to be there for each other and to love each other.. I miss you all but You guys are here in my heart..
Happy 25th birthday my big sister.. You became a grown woman with big goals and I will support in your journey..

I believe in you and I love you ❀️
xoxo your little bro

Before acting class we needed to make a selfie with on of my fav teachers πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‡ #Urdang #urdangacademy

Living my dream..!! Me and the other the boys of Ballet group 2 #Urdang #firstposition

Happy birthday to my bish nigga @gerinio92 wish you many years after boothang ❀️

Good sunny morning!! OMW to school

Good morning sexies!! New day, new week, new power, same me!!πŸ‘Œhave a great week y’all xoxo

With the cutiepies at Nando’s.!! The dutchies in London πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ #happy

R.I.P Jone River.. You was a inspiring, powerful, hard working woman!! πŸ‘Œ

Club life with the whitie!!! Last weekend at Vieze poezendek, Club Air Amsterdam πŸ’™